i'm at home and the last blog didn't post so just trying to kickinto submission. i'm at HOME?! and life continued at the same pace just with much fewer people and far more parents. i just woke up and i'm like sore all over, it's cold out, my right eye hurts. won left yesterday and is probably airborne right now, hopefully asleep after the boring all-american weekend ;^) but no more surprises in our venn diagram :^( ahh...i'm so tired, i have cuts all over. watching BET of course and can't really reflect on anything. just hoping i didn't leave too much stuff at school [ooops] and that grades won't kiln me. and hoping that i was really awake for the last two weeks...that i knew what was really going on. when reading days hit everything went into anger and sullen whiplash mode for me and i couldn't see properly [not counting the eye infection]. not like i've ever been able to look in mirrors. so yuck. it's beautiful and green outside [still seeing through californian eyes]. certain things have been occurring to me all day but not the kind of thing that can be strung together in words. just a feeling that i could have cared more and the fear at why i didn't. nothing new about it except the speed.