getting my summer teeth on in so many ways
you know i love your smile and your heart and i know
i might've cried to see you walk away from
my moving window. you had the walk of a happily defeated man
though i only saw one step and your nod to yourself,
so later i leaned out over traffic to be in the night,
the cab driver was a woman and i blinded myself to everything
called home, hid myself from every voice and any hand.
so that night i watched you from the fifth car
your hands steadying the shoulder straps of your bag and all alone,
going home to where your killers couldn't help you
which line do you take from "if you want to hurt someone so badly, doesn't it mean you care" to
get to "i hated seeing you give so much".
of course you can filter everything but memory you can cry yourself under the pillow
our eyes being so lucky as to turn to marbles in the night