science fair
"quantum physics man, it's the gangsta rap of engineering" -erik kim
experiment: how readily recognizable are the alphabets of korean and english to its native speakers/readers? in terms of speed and accuracy? b/c i am illiterate...

i've had those in my head for a bit too long. along with too many other things. sensory deprivation, okay, it's something i think about a lot but just like...
"do you think i'm merely a physical woman?", asked ursula falteringly
"although they both knew barbara had bled so much it was scary"
"he could write well and speedily"
"what happens if one is NOT nice to the young man" -(guess who).

empirical evidence shows that disaster can strike not just for him but for you but of course, it's nothing you can help after the fact. feminism i think is a world of no takebacks. and the seething anger therein.