i'm only guessing, but...
sandy: ¾ß! ³Ê ¿ì¤À ±×·¡?!
skankpunk: yo...[distinctively smashed gesturesetc] yo...i'm drew park.

hongdae clubbing it's practically free! it's practically kyopo. and the name sandy should ring a few bells. two bells which are about the same size. but anyway like - she lives- breathes- and dances in a way so as to arouse such a response. introductions to be made accordingly when we go back to penn. until then i breathe in i breathe out. occasionally go the wrong direction.
* * *
every day a new thing - today is NO LIBRARY RIGHTS DAY! so like i have this book about t-shirts and they're not going to let me have it (10 day borrowing period anyway like where is the leisure factor) and i can't find the book that i came for anyway (and it doesn't suck) and like, what else, every t-shirt in this book is by hysteric glamour and i wish i were able to intern for this company. and when i say intern i mean of course, just to be able to steal from their warehouse because who PAYS this much for pretty things here? oh and obviously andrew is looking for love in all the wrong places. and i'm beginning to make lists again.