this is the kind of weekend i have. okay this was my weekend, i won't generalize. timeline b/c i'm happy and chronological:
friday: rainy and $10 worth of ±è“V. the mugungwha train down to kwangju (4 hours) with ¿ø°æ and her electronic dictionary which is how i learn that ¹Ì·Ã is korean (or technically chinese) for lingering attachment. ahh. ³Ê¹« sexy ÇÑ°Í! okay and kwangju is obviously one of those ideas for me, and it turned out to be very like that. because
saturday: thanks to landscape architecture and monument designers and the thousands of foreign grassy mounds it takes to make anyone think. and then bamboo and more rain, Â¥Àå¸é, hyundai ¹éÈ­Á¡, and i'm sure this is so insignificant to anyone. going on!
sunday: fly back to seoul and sit next to some beergroggy korean tv star who like everyone else, knows i am terribly not from this country and nice about it. i still have no idea who he was. but came back and thrilled to the sight of male ballerinas because duh, and they were korean male ballerinas.
monday: coex mall ice cream blah blah, but then with ÇѼö went to ´ëÇ×·Î (?). this is probably where it got interesting. because when i recognize a bad mood in someone else i do try to figure out what would be the solution. the mood where you're sitting with your boyfriend in what you think is an uninteresting place which is cold, you can't hear very well out of your left ear, feel sticky, and want to be irritated by this american cousin who is dressed like some japanese milkmaid. so you plead stomach pains and leave shakily and gracelessly. that mood and i didn't do very well there. so we left shortly afterwards and got caught by those two obnoxious faux japanese girls (again) who made ÇѼö blush and hide his face in the wall of kfc because they are, no surprise, with an entire camera crew, i am wearing a towel on my head, and they are mtv (kbs) stars and i visibly couldn't think of what to ½Åû besides ¹Ú Áö³ç and sort of lost my korean, so ÇѼö whispered 'smashing pumpkins' and so if you watch kbs on saturday you will see us both looking ridiculous and i will request '1979' which throws everyone into a jawdropping panic. and the two girls say they're taking us out for dinner but they definitely don't. we get some cds though :^) and then the girls who are dressed like marilyn monroe give us ice tea out of the keg that their little slave boy is carrying on his back. then tgi fridays which means salad --> nutrients and expensive --> credit card. whatever. i'm done!