back from cape cod and look! so i connected my home comp to the line which you can be on. all by myself! but this feeling of discomfort - i can't shake it, aaliyah's dead, i'm sunburnt, chanel vamp isn't holding up too well, and even down a well i think i'd feel crowded. what i like to see on the expressway is a mountain bike mounted to the back of an SUV, its wheels slowly going round, then round again. wishful thinking. when i think of myself now, i am horizontal. not walking or sitting or leaning but lying pronate, slowly drifting into the future. feet first. i have vivid dreams it takes a long time to wake up from, and if i stare hard enough out the window, i can take long car rides. the vulnerability of silence? sounds like something feminists concern themselves with, and boy do i feel bad for them.