twin blanks of username
first, personal; of course the other
actually and probably even deeper so
in two clicks or one decided tab
you're open
or inside.
just an etiquette
that initial resistance which charms
in the seconds before bowing out

this is all true: yesterday night i watched yupgi (i did my homework b/c like SsSOoo goOd (^__^) ! oops. and then went to dangol-jip with sangta and sangho. soju, nationalism, 9:00 subway ride home was me trying to hang on to yamjanhan behavior until getting out at gurogongdan to pee (an excellent station decision which i will remember. you can get out and go to the bathroom and get back on the next yulcha without having to walk any turnstiles) and then sitting upright until seocho. catching a 02 soorae maul bus to where else, buying xylitol, and thank god not having to be let in the house in my cloud of zealously drunken ness. so, once home i staggered around a bit, lay on the floor to try to do homework, went to the bathroom and quietly threw up (which was good), and finally did homework. then sleep, 3 mosquito bites, and woke up. my oral memory of korea will thus include strawberry softserve, odeng, and HCl. (no! not NACL).