if i were to care, or to work on caring, i would definitely write a paper or poem or fingerpaint about silence. because lately i feel so affronted by loud noises and voices and like just brashness. imagine the feline. imagine cold anger. imagine a slowly melting popsicle. that's what i'm feeling especially these days when it's sooo cold strangely and i go home over the weekend to nothing not one pebble out of place and a strange rising feeling, dreams that my hair has grown out or been flowbeed short, i dream of meeting people i should never meet again face to face and of glowing comments written in red felt tip pen on high school papers. loud noise shoves me out of the delicious past and into the uncertain future and it's sad that i should resent that, but it's true. the crumbs of affection that i should throw to the birds. i am not unhappy just i can't feel anyone listening anymore...that's where the silence bit comes in :^P

but i have these new $10 sunglasses...number two in a series of probably a lot. the point is always to make my face look smaller!