tonight dave and i saw travis, at the electric factory. strangely a very tall crowd for the show, which sometimes precluded our seeing the lead singer's pink mohawk bobbing up and down in cheeky glaswegian time...but a rockin show. i realized how sensitive lungs can get to smoke [i'm a wuss] again. i haven't smoked anything in about 2.4 lifetimes and it seems really unnatural and unhealthy to me now, which is probably good. and...yeah. lately long conversations as sunlight pours through car or room windows, marching bands erupt into noise outside, rumors of andrew's playboy transformation and lisa's imperialistic love conquests.

and two or three days ago veronica and i played a wedding at avalon beach in nj, which was like exquisite except maybe for our instruments soaking in the wet ocean air. something weird about marriage, i agree especially after hearing luis' views, tony's observational luis-views, and witnessing a marriage of two strangers.

sleeping or not sleeping now seems natural. the decision node, i mean.