gross, what have i eaten today:

2 dark choco espresso beans
5 handfuls nut and fruit mix
4 peanutbutter cuppy things
1 bowl of bulgogi and noodles and veggies
1 veggie and cheese sandwich
2 honey PB cookies
1 poppyseed muffin
1 pear
1 apple.

although all the days do tend to blur together so maybe the fruit was yesterday. also peripherally i applied for the montpellier program, figured out chris' travel plans for friday and the show, potentially scalped my tickets, remembered who yukio mishima was, didn't watch serendipity, kept scraping wax back into candle holders, felt fat and slightly nauseous as per usual, tried to drink lots of water so i don't wake up dry mouthed as per usual (possibly related events?), left to study acct w/o a calculator.