oh god not the financials

for some reason i've been enlisted to do the household ledger. i'm probably the worst finance concentrator extant and i can't even do the bill at restaurants, but here i am, sitting in front of an excel spreadsheet.

why was i in a terrible mood today? first of all, it might've had something to do with my filthiness. my hair was so greasy today and i had nary a hair thing to hide my shame away. and my status as an "alternative" intern becomes more and more clear. honestly i have been a "mainstream" person at some point, the kind who is all kinds of sought for, etc. oh well. plus i made muchos mistakes today, from poor proofing of contract to just my usual verbal awkwardness. i'm really not that conscious most of the workday, in fact. and i'm certainly not conscious most of the restnight either. funny thing...

today hanseul sent me something special in the mail which i'll test out this weekend in some secluded spot :^D we rehearsed after work in our living room with a hiphop musician who is going to have us play at rittenhouse square this coming wednesday! it sounds like a lot of fun. tomorrow i'm going to get my hair cut. my bangs especially! perhaps that will help my bleeding heart. more likely i will become less of an IDIOT because i don't look like one. as one of my bosses yesterday said, "160over90 helped me feel like less of an idiot..." i'm just bidin my time.